It’s Tee-Shirt time!!

Welcome to our online t-shirt party!! Here’s how this will work!The official party will start WEDNESDAY and it will close on SATURDAY.

Each day during the party I will post a few interactive posts for you to participate in.

I will provide you with a password code for your group.  

Designs will be limited quantities, so if you like a design claim it before they sell out. Each description will list quantities available. 

Pick Up in Caulksville, one location only, date and time is TBD

How to Order:

it's Pretty easy...

Click on the link provided and insert the password code provided in the group. 



You will receive an automatic invoice via messenger at the time you place our order. 

All invoices Must be paid by Midnight on Sunday or they will be removed.  Thank you for you understanding.  This allows me to close the party and get busy making shirts. 


Turnaround Time:

There is a 3 week turnaround time ( 21 Business Days) for Party Tee’s. Some may be ready sooner but with life I like to give myself extra time to make sure all items arrive correctly & are sent out correctly.

I’m sure I’m leaving something out, so if you have questions just ask! I’m pretty much available and will respond pretty quickly!